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Learning as a butler is a designated person to assist guest with all of their hospitality needs. You Will learn the basic knowledge of FB Service, Housekeeping, Hotel and cruise ship knowledge, Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation and upgrading your English skill. The course will be 1 year including on the job training.

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The service of alcoholic beverages is very important because restaurants are merchandising drinks to satisfy the preferences of guests and increase profits. The server’s correct service of alcoholic beverages—wines, beers, and liquors—depends not only on knowing the procedure for serving but also on the knowledge of types of drinks, glassware, beverage temperature, and garnishes. A server should know which beverages complement particular foods on the menu in order to offer suggestions to guests.
You will learn from the basic about Bartending.

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Upon successful completion of this course, the beneficiaries should be able to demonstrate
and practice:

• Has general knowledge of the profession of a spa service worker, the structure of the vocational training programme and issues related to the arrangement of the training and internship

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