LAGUNA INDONESIA was established in 2012. PT. LAGUNA INDONESIA organizes training to support and improve the competence of seafarers which we will send to customers/principals. So since 2012 PT. LAGUNA INDONESIA has a Job Training Institute permit from the Denpasar City Social and Manpower Office with training recruitment and placement of land and sea workers around the world. PT. LAGUNA INDONESIA has become a service provider company for professional seafarers in Indonesia who always tries to provide the best service in meeting the needs and expectations of its customers.

To be the leader of yacht school and recruitment in Indonesia by producing the most competent crew that ready to do the work onboard yacht around the world

• Work with integrity and submit to MLC 2006
• Ensure that each crew and client follow and comply with MLC 2006
• Conduct training and teaching activities in the field of maritime and hospitality.
• Implement training programs that are appropriate to market needs
• Use competent human resources and management

1. Honest
Thinking, behaving, acting with trust, transparent, full of integrity, upholding the code of ethics, and loyal to the nation and state.

2. Professional
Working with enthusiasm, meticulous, intelligent, disciplined, accurate, and complete on the basis of the best competency with full responsibility, high commitment, building internal and external synergy and being able to see developments going forward.
3. Serving
Providing excellent service by understanding the needs of stakeholders, carried out wholeheartedly, proactively, professionally, simply, efficiently and on time in order to meet the satisfaction of internal and external parties.

4. Innovative
Open minded, always learning to improve themselves, have useful new ideas, able to make alternative solutions in the work to accelerate the achievement of performance targets.

5. Benefits
Give benefits to yourself, others, society, nation and country.